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Audi Sport Quattro Concept unveiled.

Audi Sport Quattro Concept unveiled.


Audi Sport Quattro

In a couple of years, with enough interest and the right decisions made by senior bosses in Bavaria, this could be the most expensive car in the Audi line-up. And the most desirable.

This concept coupe – almost shooting-brake like in silhouette – is Audi’s teasing portrayal of what a future hybrid supercar paying homage to the famous 80’s Quattro may look like.

Whereas BMW are incorporating small capacity engines with electrical hybrid systems to match the performance of their conventional competitors, Audi have decided to use the twin-turbo V8 from the RS6 in addition to a powerful electric motor setup to surpass all competition and bring the fight to top-notch super cars. The combined power of such a system is enough to rival its Italian cousin the Lamborghini Aventador at an output of 690bhp.

However, all this tyre-shredding power production comes at a price, the weight is expected to be around 1850kg despite the comprehensive use of carbon fibre and the latest and finest alloys. But your dismay at the weight will diminish when you start to reap the benefits of the Quattro’s party piece – a claimed ability to average 113mpg thanks to the next generation hybrid system. Any remaining doubt will evaporate in 3.7 seconds when you hit 62mph from a standstill whilst sat in the beautifully made and simplistic cockpit.

Considering the Quattro would be more than a match for the highest-specced R8 currently on offer, expect to pay at least £150,000 if it meets production. We can’t see Audi having any trouble selling these like hot cakes if the car can bring all of that cool 80’s rallying heritage into the 21st century.


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