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Mercedes A45 AMG Black Series

Mercedes A45 AMG Black Series



At first glance this might look like the Standard A45 AMG, but at closer inspection there are a few tell-tale signs that this is in fact the Black Series version.

From the images the only visible difference is the larger wheel arches; however the biggest changes for the Black Series are under the hood. At the rear of the car you can see large and unsightly tail pipes which indicate that the car is undergoing emissions testing. This means one thing, more power!

The standard version of the A45 AMG produces 355bhp from the 2.0 litre turbo engine, making it the most powerful production car with a 2.0 litre engine on the market. The Black Series is expected to produce around 400bhp, coupled with 4 wheel drive and the same 7-speed gearbox, expect the current 4.6 second 0-62 to be smashed.

The production version of the Black Series is likely to be fitted with a much more extreme body kit than seen below. Also expect much larger brake discs and a more muscular aerodynamic front end. If the model goes ahead (which we hope it does) it will be the first Black Series to have 4 doors breaking Mercedes’ habit of only applying Black Series status to 2 door models.


As for the price? Expect to pay over £50,000, but with this price tag you’ll be in a very exclusive club.


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