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Emirates Private Jets

Emirates Luxury Private Jets


Dubai-based Emirates already stands as one of the most highly-regarded and prestigious airlines flying between the world’s major aviation hubs. Now Emirates have launched a new exclusive private jet service that offers unprecedented levels of luxury and entertainment on a par with most 5-star hotel rooms.

The new service will use a modified Airbus A319 that has been outfitted with 10 private suites that all feature full beds, 32-inch TV’s and en-suite marble-finished bathrooms with heated floors and a large shower.

The new private jet can accommodate up to 19 wealthy passengers who can either keep busy or relax during their flight with full mobile phone connectivity, 1,500 channels of TV entertainment, high speed internet connection and a dining experience far-removed from the usual re-heated economy class food most of us are used to.

If business is to be attended then the main room can be configured for use as a conference facility with a large table, plenty of seating and two 42 inch screens for video calls or presentations. The service can be scheduled to fly anywhere in the world but is expected to travel mainly between established hubs like London and New York and the emerging markets of China, the Middle East and South America.



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