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2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG begins life as a ‘standard’ S Class – an already world-beating, luxury limousine with a reputation that most car marques would readily kill for. Then the petrol-headed techno-wizards at Mercedes’ in-house tuning arm AMG get their hands on it and take things to a completely new level.

The engineers have excelled themselves this time. Not only have they managed to make the new version faster and more fuel efficient but they have also managed to cut 100kg of weight out of the standard S Class without compromising on any of the famed S Class luxury. Contributing to that weight loss is the hand-crafted twin-turbo V8 constructed from lightweight aluminium alloys producing 585bhp.

The engineering achievement that this car represents is obvious, however, the potential customers for this extreme iteration of the S Class are less obvious. Although the S63 performs and excels in everything that you ask of it, it would be impossible for a car like this to not be compromised when trying to tick so many boxes. The top-spec S Class is hardly a slow way of getting from A to B, so is the extra grunt and power necessary for the considerable extra expense. Similarly, if any prospective owner wants to explore the outer edges of the cars performance, the AMG engineers can only do so much to disguise the S63’s considerable weight and lengthy dimensions, a problem a more focussed performance car wouldn’t suffer, such as the C63 AMG. Not to mention the Black Series C63 AMG…

But we have no doubt that the S63 AMG will enjoy the same success as its predecessors, if not more. For most customers the extra kudos of the AMG badge and the enhanced styling details will be all that is required to justify the extra premium of this ridiculously-rapid and luxurious autobahn blaster.

The S63 AMG keeps all the innovative future tech the S Class is famous for including Magic Body Control which uses a stereo camera to scan the road ahead and prepare the cars suspension in advance of any surface conditions. There’s no confirmation on prices as of yet but these should be released at the Frankfurt motor show in September when the car is officially unveiled to the public.


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