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Underwater Hotel – The next luxury

Underwater Hotel. The next luxury.

A Polish-based development company have recently finished their proposals for an underwater luxury hotel in the Maldives, and now the project looks good to go as they have also just been given authority to begin construction off the island of Kuredhivaru by the national ministry of tourism.

The basic concept of the design features several disc-shaped structures, some underwater, and some above water suspended on pillars up to seven meters high. This layout allows guests to choose either a submerged, crystal-clear view of the surrounding coral and marine life or an elevated panoramic of the surrounding beaches and perfect blue skies.

The upper structure will accommodate the restaurant, a spa, a tropical garden, a helipad and a rooftop seawater swimming pool. Whilst below decks are the 21 guest rooms, a bar and an airlockwhich can operate the hotel’s very own fleet of mini submarines for exploring further into the reef. For divers that prefer to go exploring without a submarine there is also a decompression chamber.

There are still no dates for when the developers expect to complete the project but there are already plans being drawn up for a similar project in Dubai. 


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