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Dottling portable watch safe – The Guardian

Dottling is a German company who specialize in making the finest safes on the planet; the fact that they are German alone means the quality is outstanding. Since 1919 Dottling have been delivering the finest quality hand-made products in all shapes and sizes, their latest product is a portable watch safe and it’s called The Guardian.

This hand-made portable watch safe is 35cm long and has a diameter of 13.5 cm. Don’t let the classic design fool you, this safe is alive with technology and is made from modern materials. Weighing in at 4kgs, the safe is easily portable and comes with a shoulder strap so you can take it anywhere as personal luggage, whether you’re travelling in a Rolls Royce or a G6, which I assume you will be as it costs $15,800 before customization.

If it is portable does that mean it is easy to steal? Maybe so, but with it’s built in GPS tracking device you will be able to find it wherever it may be. If this does happen don’t worry your Hublots and Rolexes will be safe as The Guardian is made from cut proof materials such as polycarbonate, aramid carbon fibre and carbide. The door of The Guardian is made from aramid carbon fibre and can be opened with a 3 digit code, the locking mechanism is a complex array off polished steel bars, meaning your watches and jewels are pretty safe.

The case of The Guardian is wrapped in the finest quality leather, although this customizable, Crocodile skin is one of the other options available. The Guardian has a capacity of up to 6 watches; if the central cushion is removed there is space for jewellery and even important documents and certificates.

Prices start at $15,800 for the entry level model which is wrapped in quilted calf leather; customers can chose from a set of colours. The next model is wrapped in matte or glossy salt-water crocodile skin and is priced at $19,000. The top of the range model comes in at $23,700 and is again wrapped in salt-water crocodile skin but is available in a range of pre-selected colours.

You can view The Guardian and Dottling’s other safes here:


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