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Breitling Emergency 2

Breitling Emergency 2

World first. Breitling’s Dual Frequency Transmitter.

Luxury watchmaker Breitling revealed their latest innovation at the recent Baselworld watch expo in Switzerland. The Emergency II will be priced at approximately $15,000 USD and is a rugged, purposeful piece of design cast in a steel case with a yellow dial.

However, watch aficionados won’t just be paying for the name and the design. What Breitling have achieved is the world’s first watch with a dual frequency locator beacon. What this means is that not only can it be used to transmit your location in an emergency, but also assist in search and rescue missions to help find other trapped or lost individuals

The watch features a state-of-the-art rechargeable battery and an integrated antenna system that works with the Cospas-Sarsat international satellite alert system to quickly notify rescue authorities and accurately guide them to your location if necessary.

The watch has been developed in conjunction with a well-known and prestigious scientific institute that specializes in aerospace and the defence industry and has been designed for individuals involved in aviation, exploration, mountaineering and countless other extreme endeavours where one day the wearer may be glad they spent $15,000 on a watch.

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