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BMW has announced its new X4.

BMW has announced its new X4.

Continuing the German trend of infiltrating every micro-niche of the car market, BMW has announced its new X4. Officially it’s a concept for now but will inevitably go on sale, probably early next year.

If you haven’t noticed already, the X4 is what the X6 was to the X5, a pricier, sportier, coupe version of the X3.The X4 is due to be unveiled at the Shanghai motor show at the end of April to a world increasingly hungry for SUV’s, so much in fact that now 25% of new BMW’s sold are from the ‘X’ model range.

Engines on offer will predictably echo those of the X3, therefore the most popular will certainly be the 2.0 and 3.0 diesels of the 184bhp, 258bhp and 313bhp varieties.  Assuming similar weight figures to the X3, that 313bhp diesel should mean the X4 eases to 60 in 5.8 seconds, although the ride is expected to bias towards comfort much like the GT models of the BMW range. However, ‘comfort’ is still a relative word when used to describe any BMW and should not be mistaken for meaning soft or lazy, we’ll confidently put money on the X4 still being the best in class in terms of driver feedback and a focused solidity on the road.

The new X4, well at least the ‘concept’ anyway, features 21” wheels nestled in huge arches, LED headlights, coupe-ish silhouette and a front end that’s aggressive even by BMW’s own standards.There’s no word yet but if M Division get round to dropping the 3.0 with the triple-turbo’s into the bonnet this could be one rapid, micro-niched, urban-crossover-uber-SUV.


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