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McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1: A Luxury Yacht For One

McLellan Jacobs Kayak 1: A Luxury Yacht For One

Now, we all know millionaires who navigate the open see in their super yachts sometimes like to get back to basics. If their monstrous yacht is becoming to boring they can now take to the ocean to do some kayaking without having to put up with bright yellow fibre-glass. McLellan Jacobs has crafter the Kayak 1; a super luxurious Kayak crafted from carbon-fibre and finished with gold-plated brass fillings, teak and ash.

The price of the Kayak hasn’t been released yet, presumably because if you can afford one then surely the price won’t matter all that much to you. Don’t be deceived by the good looks and exotic materials.

Even with the brass and wood aboard the Kayak 1 only weighs in at 36lbs. This is a must have for any passionate paddler with a sea of money!


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